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     There is nothing worse than working on a model and having the finish get ruined for any number of reasons. When this happens on a rare kit or something special, the feeling is even worse. But don't despair any longer! 

     We can safely remove just about any kind of finish and get you back to bare plastic, resin, or metal. Each case is unique, but our success rate is nearly 100%!

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     We use safe processes that leave no residue and won't hurt your next attempt at painting your model. We shy away from using brake or hydraulic fluids that can turn you model into jelly. So if you have a model that went south, have an old project you want to strip and renovate, or have an old built-up that you want to take a second crack at, give us a try.

     Simply use the message box to the right and tell us what kind of situation you have. Let us know about your project and what you have in mind. We will work up a quote for you and let you know how long the process might take, when you could expect the item to ship, as well as the cost and ways to make payment for the services we provide.  

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