Services Offered

     We have done display models for manufacturers for years. Whether it's building a test shot and creating instructions or building show or museum displays, we can build your new offering to help promote your products or educate your clients or patrons.

Casting Services

     Once you have your collection built and displayed, you might want to consider an easy way for people to see your work all in one place. A personal website is the answer, but putting one together takes time and a bit of expertise. To make matters worse, most webmasters or domain hosting companies offer these services, but they always seem to come with lots of hidden costs and surprises that make any other dependent relationship seem downright reasonable! But you don't have to settle for that - there is a MUCH better way! 

Display Models


Decals & Plates

    If you need a unique part, making one is easy, but if you need several matching parts  - that's when things start to get complicated. The same goes for copies of old or rare parts, or a special body or part of a body needed for a special project. In each of these situations, casting resin copies is the solution, but many modelers don't know where to begin in making a good mold, how to cast the copies, or where to get the right materials. We can do all that for you.

Bases and Cases

We can create a variety of bases or cases to display your prized model or item. Unique hanging display cases such as the one of the left based on a Gamewell Call Box is an outstanding way to display model fire apparatus. We have also done similar cases painted in blue for Police and in Natural Red Oak or Forrest Service Green for Wildlands fire apparatus and equipment. Each of these cases can hold 3 truck-sized 1/25th scale models on adjustable shelves. Smaller versions or longer versions can be made for smaller scale or bigger models.

Photo-etch parts can take your models to another level, but sometimes you need a special part that isn't commercially available. We can probably help here too, creating custom artwork and etched parts specific to your special project.

Tim Bongard


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     There is nothing worse than working on a model and having the finish get ruined for any number of reasons. When this happens on a rare kit or something special, the feeling is even worse. But don't despair any longer! 

     We can safely remove just about any kind of finish and get you back to bare plastic, resin, or metal. Each case is unique, but our success rate is nearly 100%!

Ranger Detail Technologies 

     One way to make your special project really unique is to add special marking, stickers, or license plates. These details can really set a model apart and add a level of detail often overlooked by modelers but greatly appreciated by those who admire quality work.

     This area of our business continues to grow and new products and features are being added all the time. We frequently "gang" various stickers, decals, or plates together so that you are not just ordering one copy of one decal or one license plate.  

Stripping Services

Personal Websites