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Tim Bongard 'tis the Old Imagineer. Born and raised in Roselle, New Jersey, Tim has been involved with model building since his childhood. His dad introduced him to balsawood flying models early on which eventually lead to a lifelong love for model rockets, building plastic models, and dabbling in model railroads (one grandfather was an engineer for the Lehigh Valley Railroad). While he has built a variety of subjects, 

     Tim is probably best known for his model Fire Apparatus and his how-to column in Scale Auto Enthusiast MagazineThe Model Firehouse. The column's easy-going style reflected Tim's approach to the hobby - that it should be fun, creative, challenging, and shared with others - something he believes in even more strongly now. Tim has also written for a variety of magazines and newspapers including The Pocono Record (Stroudsburg, PA), The Citizen's Voice (Wilkes-Barre, PA), Fine Scale Modeler Magazine, AAA World, Inside Track, and In Scale Illustrated, plus he has appeared in several episodes of PBS's Adventures in Scale Modeling.

     As a teenager, Tim joined the Roselle Volunteer Ambulance Corps and later became a volunteer fire fighter serving in Ogdensburg, NJ and Kingston, PA. While in Ogdensburg, Tim also served as the borough's Emergency Management Coordinator. He later went on to become a Ranger with the Boy Scouts of America in the Pocono region of northeastern Pennsylvania and actively taught modeling and model rocketry to Scouts (and adult Scouters) who visited his camps. He now resides in Mesa, Arizona where the weather is warmer, flying fields are bigger, hobby shops are more plentiful, hot rods are far more common, and vintage aircraft fly overhead almost every day. Life is good!

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