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$200 plus shipping total cost, $50 reservation/deposit

     Made from rigid, hard plastic, these 1/4" thick bars have 6 different grits and types of sandpaper adhered to their surfaces and help insure that when you sand, you are sanding square. Grits include 100, 150, 220, 320, 400 and 600 on a total of 3 sticks.

$15 set of 4, shipping included

     The castings come with separate end plates, treadplate bottom steps, and rear mounting plates. The pair includes 1 right side and 1 left side box.

$15 each, shipping included

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Call Box-inspired Display Case

1/25th 1950's Reversible 1-ton tire & wheel

     These square step boxes were built to match those found on a famous tanker that is part of a southern New Jersey fire department.

$20 pair, shipping included

     These 8"x10" sanding plates are designed to help you sand efficiently while keeping your work square and true. When combined with the Sanding Sticks, you can hold a part in place on the sanding plate while sanding one side of the part with the sanding stick. A must for any scratchbuilder's workshop, it will be one of the best investments you will ever make!

There are several Indian tank castings and printed parts on the market, but none have the grooved detail these do. The set of four castings are of the tanks only. You can add backplates, harnesses, and other details on your own, but we do include 4 of the classic manufacturer decals that adorned these tanks.

     Designed to fit on Revell's F-1 Ford kit, these wheels and tires were created to replicate the wheels and tires found on Ford's F-5 variant. You get six reversible wheels with tires plus two front hubs and two rear hubs typically found on the F-5.

$20 each, shipping included

    Take your model building and superdetailing efforts to the next level by adding this great model within a model. The kit is designed to allow you to build any of the classic Federal Twinsonic lightbars including Model 12, Model 12 MF, Model 12 F, and the California-spec Model CTS1M as seen on Squad 51 on the TV show Emergency!  With ultra thin lenses included, this model is meant to be a focal point on the front end of your emergency vehicle and will definitely impress!

Keep 'em Square Double-sided Sanding Sticks

$15 set of 3, shipping included

Keep 'em Square Double-sided Sanding Plate

$25 set of 6, shipping included

1/25th Classic Grooved Indian Tanks

This unique display cases is inspired by the Gamewell Call Box and is an outstanding way to display model emergency vehicles. Painted in Fire Red, Police Blue, Forest Service Hunter Green or Forest Service Mint Green, or finished in Natural oak. Each of these cases can hold 3 truck-sized 1/25th scale models on adjustable shelves. Smaller versions or longer versions can be made for smaller scale or bigger models.

Each case is custom built to your specifications. Reserve your case today!

1/25th scale Square Step Boxes

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1/25th scale Twinsonic lightbar kit