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Tim Bongard



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Price Quote Request

     Our way of creating websites and treating our web clients have earned us high praise from professionals in the industry. We insure that you ALWAYS are in control and that you own everything associated with your website. We will set up your domain, set up your site, and then teach you how to maintain and update it with new material. We're not just webmasters, but web tutors as well ! The web program we use is easy to master and easy to use, so once it's set up, you can change it, add to it, and update it easily! And if you don't have the time or would rather that we did those changes and updates for you, we can do that for a very reasonable fee as well. We are always here to support you and act as your true partner in maintaining your internet presence.

     Simply use the message box to the right and tell us what kind of display would interest you. Let us know about your project and what you have in mind. We will work up a quote for you and let you know how long the process might take, when you could expect the item to ship, as well as the cost and ways to make payment for the services we provide.  

Personal Websites

     Once you have your collection built and displayed, you might want to consider an easy way for people to see your work all in one place. A personal website is the answer, but putting one together takes time and a bit of expertise. To make matters worse, most webmasters or domain hosting companies offer these services, but they always seem to come with lots of hidden costs and surprises that make any other dependent relationship seem downright reasonable! But you don't have to settle for that - there is a MUCH better way!