With same color interior sides as the exterior...

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Ranger Detail Technologies 

At left, the original case built for David Gusky, expert fire modeler and dear friend. These are 3 of his scratchbuilt 1/25th scale models.

​(David Gusky Photo)

These unique hand-built display cases are designed as a tribute to the old Gladwell Signal boxes from a bygone era. Each is crafted out of high quality materials and can be finished in your choice of colors for Fire Red, Police Dark Blue, Forest Service Mint Green, Park Service Dark Green, Park Service Brown, or natural wood. It features brass finished fittings, heavy duty hangers on the back, plexiglass front window, and three adjustable/removable shelves. Hinged front door allows easy access to your models. Can come with an optional natural wood base to sit on when displayed on top of a desk, credenza, or other furniture.

  • Dimensions:
  • Total Height: 21 inches 
  • Total Width: 14 inches 
  • Total Depth: 8 1/2 inches
  • Shelf size: 12" x 6"

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Reserve your Call Box-style Display Case for 1/25th or 1/24th scale models

Total Price is $200 plus shipping. 

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With black interior sides as the exterior...