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    If you need a unique part, making one is easy, but if you need several matching parts  - that's when things start to get complicated. The same goes for copies of old or rare parts, or a special body or part of a body needed for a special project. In each of these situations, casting resin copies is the solution, but many modelers don't know where to begin in making a good mold, how to cast the copies, or where to get the right materials.

Casting Services

    We can solve all of that by doing the legwork for you. Regardless of what the piece may be, we can make a mold for you, pour quality copies, and provide you with all the help you need in getting the parts you want. We'll even show you how to use the mold we make for you because it's yours - you own it. Once we make the mold, it's yours to keep - we don't play games making and selling copies of your stuff​. 

     Simply use the message box to the right and tell us what kind of situation you have. Let us know about your project and what you have in mind. We will work up a quote for you and let you know how long the process might take, when you could expect the item to ship, as well as the cost and ways to make payment for the services we provide.  

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