We also can create standard flat bases in a variety of sizes or thicknesses. We use materials such as red oak, plexiglass, and can custom cast textured bases replicating concrete, asphalt, or any kind of natural landscape. Special and unique bases are a great way for you to not only create a signature way of displaying your unique models, but they also provide a secure way to handle your model without risking any damage to details or finish.

     Simply use the message box to the right and tell us what kind of display would interest you. Let us know about your project and what you have in mind. We will work up a quote for you and let you know how long the process might take, when you could expect the item to ship, as well as the cost and ways to make payment for the services we provide.  

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Bases and Cases

We can create a variety of bases or cases to display your prized model or item. Unique hanging display cases such as the one of the left based on a Gamewell Call Box is an outstanding way to display model fire apparatus. We have also done similar cases painted in blue for Police and in Natural Red Oak or Forrest Service Green for Wildlands fire apparatus and equipment. Each of these cases can hold 3 truck-sized 1/25th scale models on adjustable shelves. Smaller versions or longer versions can be made for smaller scale or bigger models.

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